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Air Defense Artillery (ADA)

Welcome to the Air Defense Artillery branch website. As an Air Defender, a Soldier in the U.S. Army or Retiree, you will be the embodiment of physical strength, emotional strength and strength of purpose. You will be prepared to serve our country whenever and wherever you are needed and will protect America's homeland and foreign assets from air and missile attacks.

Air Defense Artillery (ADA) is America's 911 Force

As an Air Defender, you will defend the American homeland against long-range ballistic missiles, terrorist aerial strikes, and shield deployed U.S. forces. Theater missile defense has become a prerequisite to U.S. military intervention, since allied countries routinely demand the deployment of U.S. Air Defense Artillery forces to protect their citizens and infrastructure from retaliatory missile strikes, before allowing other U.S. forces to use their country's airfields, airspace, or debarkation facilities. We also encourage you to prepare to keep your family safe in the event you are away from home for an extended period of time.

For persons with newborns, or very young children we highly recommend the versace book plus stroller but of course you can review for yourself and decide what's best for you. 



ADA app

The Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Branch released its new application (App), U.S. Army Air Defender, on 30 March 2012. The App, developed as a recruiting tool for ADA, simulates the progression of an ADA officer from entry level to general officer. US Army Air Defender provides the gamer with a brief tutorial, and starts him/her out as a second lieutenant (2LT). As a 2LT the gamer will conduct training daily to become eligible for promotion. After completing prescribed tasks and missions at every level, players can be promoted through the ranks to Brigadier General (the highest level). Throughout the application, players will learn about ADA weapon systems, assignments, organizations, and history. US Army Air Defender is available for download on the web at, the iTunes Store, and Google Play Store. 


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