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ADA Enlisted Careers:      

HRC ADA Enlisted Career Branch(AKO Login) - Our primary focus is on unit readiness and the professional development of our Soldiers and Noncommissioned Officers

  • 14E - Patriot Fire Control Enhanced Operator / Maintainer

  • 14H - Air Defense Enhanced Early Warning System Operator
  • 14G - Air Defense Battle Management System Operator
  • 14S - Air and Missile Defense Crewmember (AMD)
    • Drawdown Information for Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 14S, Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Crewmember The purpose of this information paper is to inform the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 14S, Air and Missile Defense Crewmember, population on future mandated downsizing, career progression opportunities and the way ahead for the MOS.
    • Army Career Tracker (AKO login or CAC Card required for access)
    • ACT ADA Drawdown information for MOS 14S - Published on 21 Feb 2013. Profiled for All MOS,All Components,All Installations,Enlisted,CMF 14,All States,All Grades.
    • ACT ADA featured news articles for 14S
  • 14T - Patriot Launching Station Enhanced Operator / Maintainer
  • 14Z - Air Defense Artillery Senior Sergeant


POC for this information is the following:  MSG Cody D. Dorman, Chief, Personnel Development Division, Office, Chief of Air Defense Artillery (OCADA), Ft. Sill, Oklahoma 73505 ~ Commercial (580) 558-0482 - DSN 495-0482