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ADA Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the ADA branch going away? No, in fact, the Army’s transformation has created more Officer and Enlisted opportunities in ADA. The only major change that has caused some confusion is the movement of the ADA School. Relocated to Fort Sill, Oklahoma in 2009; it is located with the Field Artillery School to establish the Fires Center of Excellence. This move will be similar to the Armor School's move from Fort Knox, Kentucky, to Fort Benning, Georgia; where it was combined with the Infantry School to establish the Maneuver Center of Excellence. 32d US Army Air and Missile Defense Command is still located at Fort Bliss, Texas and continues its mission as a subordinate member of the United States Army's Forces Command.


Why should I choose ADA? ADA has something for everyone. Assignments range from the gamut of boots-in-the-dirt, to include Airborne and Ranger qualifications, to the most technologically advanced air defense weapon systems of our time. Most importantly, as our mission expands, you will be able to lead and work with some of the finest, most dedicated Soldiers in the world. Similar to other Soldiers, Air Defenders rotate duty positions and spend their careers serving in ADA troop assignments or in non-ADA positions or in ADA-related positions. For specific locations, click here to download the ADA Locations Map.  


The role of the Platoon Leader in an ADA platoon? As a platoon leader you will not only be responsible for managing some of the most sophisticated equipment in the Army inventory, but you will also be responsible for training and motivating your soldiers — bringing them to peak combat performance as a team. Patriot Platoon Leader *You will be in charge of up to 20 personnel (Fire Control Plt HQ has 3 in addition to Plt Ldr; Fire Control Section has 12 for a total of 15; Launcher Plt HQ has 2 in addition to Plt Ldr, Launcher Section has 18 for a total of 20)*Expect to sign for over $40 million worth of equipment Avenger Platoon Leader *You will be in charge of up to 23 personnel (Each MAMD HQ Plt Ldr has 1 PSG and 2 drivers in the maneuver air and missile defense (MAMD) Plt, Sensor Section has 8 personnel per platoon, MAMD Squad has 12 per platoon for a total of 23). *Expect to sign for over $15 million worth of equipment IFPC-I Platoon Leader *You will be in charge of up to 24 personnel, (IFPC-I Plt HQ has 1 PSG and 1 driver, Intercept Control Section has 6, Sensor section has 4, C-RAM Interceptor Section has 12 for a total of 24). *Expect to sign for over $15 million worth of equipment. 


Where can I find information on the ADA branch? You’re here. This website is the most comprehensive portal to all things Air Defense. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.  


Which weapons systems does ADA have? Check out current and future ADA weapon systems and support systems, click here. 


What are deployments like for an ADA Officer? The Army developed the ARFORGEN cycle to create predictability of development for Soldiers. The result was Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN)'s three-stage cycle: Rest, Train/Ready and Available. According to the ARFORGEN model, Army units will now always fall into one of these three phases. In the Reset phase, Soldiers will return from deployment, have some down-time to re-connect with their families, and return to their regular training schedule. During the Train/Ready phase, units begin to train more extensively, are eligible for deployment, and begin preparing for a specific overseas mission. Finally, in Available, Soldiers are ready for deployment. Once a Unit deploys and returns to their home station, the cycle repeats itself.  


What do I need to learn now to be ahead of the curve? Read and stay up to date with current issues. Read the leadership manual, operations manual, and books to open creativity.


What are my school options for Airborne, Ranger, and other schools once I complete OBC? Contact Human Resources Command (HRC) branch manager for any schools. *We offer opportunities to attend these additional schools: Ranger * Airborne * Pathfinder Also available are:  

  • Top Gun
  • ADAM Cell Training
  • ADA CCC 

What opportunities are available to Women? Gender is not a factor and women in the ADA do it all, from Brigade Commanders to Command Sergeant Majors. Currently there are many successful and exceptional women in Air Defense and you could be the next one. If you want a challenging and rewarding career, this Combat Arms branch is the choice for you. 


Where can I find a list of new duty assignments/locations for ADA officers? The Human Resources Command (HRC) is continuously posting up-to-date available assignments for ADA officers. Check out what ADA locations are available to you.  


What are the biggest shortfalls that you have seen as a Battery Commander for your new LT’s? Biggest shortfalls for LT’s are time management. As a platoon leader not only, you will be responsible for you platoon, but yourself too. Take time to conduct self-improvement.

What is it like to be an LT in the Army? It is the most exciting time of your life. As a NCO you are always around Soldiers, but as an officer your platoon leader time is the time to mentor and train Soldiers to succeed in both military and civilian life.  


What is Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC) like? BOLC serves as a baseline for your Air Defense knowledge. BOLC will provides you a guide of what you need in order to be successful. It is your responsibility to learn and know your job. 


I have questions about things like assignments, training and branch transfers. Where can I get this information? The Human Resources Command (HRC) handles all branch assignments and transfers. The Air Defense Artillery School offers specific information on training (Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC), class dates, travel information, etc.). An AKO account is required to access this information.