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OCADA manages the personnel lifecycles for Air Defense Artillery (ADA) active and reserve component officers, warrant officers, and enlisted Soldiers; conducts branch marketing initiatives; and publishes the ADA Magazine in an effort to maintain the quality and health of ADA military occupational specialties (MOSs) and areas of concentration (AOCs) while improving the overall image of the branch and fostering espirit de corps. Components of OCADA include the Personnel Development Division (PDD) and the Branch Marketing Division.


PDD acts as the principal staff element to execute the Chief of ADA's branch proponent responsibilities as specified in Army Regulation (AR) 600-3. It also serves as the point of contact for gathering and evaluating data, identifying issues and initiatives, coordinating actions, and recommending personnel life-cycle management function policy changes for active and reserve component ADA officers, warrant officers and enlisted soldiers. For more information, call (580)
558-0482 or DSN 495-0482
or to send an


The primary goal of Branch Marketing is to project a diversified image of ADA throughout the Army and civilian communities. Focus is targeted on improving the accession of high-quality future ADA officers and increasing recruiting and retention in the enlisted section. Branch Marketing strives to demonstrate that ADA is the leading branch for technological challenges while affording its personnel the opportunities for exciting and rewarding careers. Marketing venues are varied from campus visits, ROTC/USMA camps and open houses to websites and DVDs. Emphasis is placed on creating an overall positive ADA experience. Continually evolving, we understand that it is crucial to develop new and innovative ways to motivate and promote ADA to future and current personnel. For more information, call (580) 558-4017 or DSN 495-4017 or to send an email click here.

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  • Request supplies or media support from Branch Marketing: Support normally provided within 1-2 business days upon submitting request form Download Supply Request Form / Media Form
  • The Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Branch released its new application (App) US Army Air Defender, the App, developed as a recruiting tool for ADA, simulates the progression of an ADA officer from entry level to general officer. US Army Air Defender provides the gamer with a brief tutorial, and starts him/her out as a second lieutenant (2LT). As a 2LT, the gamer will conduct training daily to become eligible for promotion.  After completing prescribed tasks and missions at every level, players can be promoted through the ranks to Brigadier General (the highest level). Throughout the application, players will learn about ADA weapon systems, assignments, organizations, and history. Click here to download 'ADA app 1', or 'ADA app 2'.


ADA Online provides the Air Defense Artillery community with an up-to-date perspective on what is happening in and around the ADA arena and fosters a spirit of unity and esprit de corps by forging a bond among active duty, reserve, guardsmen, retired air defenders and those that support them.

If you are interested in submitting articles/photoswe have developed the ADA Online Writer’s/Photographer’s Guide to assist you. Submissions should be emailed to the editor. For additional information contact the editor by phone at DSN 495-0487, commercial (580) 558-0487 or by email.

Some of the articles you might see on the pages of ADA Online are:

  • links to air and missile defense (AMD) articles form news media websites;
  • original, historical and human-interest articles; press releases, notices of conventions, symposiums, meetings, reunions, contest and anything else that might be of interest to air defenders; 
  • and links to other helpful areas that contain information of specific interest to the branch such as distributive learning, directories, photo galleries, historical magazine archive, an ADA in Action series and other U.S. government websites.


The Fires Professional Bulletin-644 (PB-644, also known as the Fires Bulletin), a bimonthly publication, replaced Air Defense Artillery PB-44 (also known as the ADA Magazine) and Field Artillery PB-6 (also known as the FA Magazine) as part of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) initiative mandating that the ADA and FA Schools collocate to establish the Fires Center of Excellence (FCoE) at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. This move was similar to the Armor School's move from Fort Knox, Kentucky, to Fort Benning, Georgia; where they were collocated with the Infantry School to establish the Maneuver Center of Excellence. These collocations did not combine any of the individual branches, but placed them under one organization/installation; however, as a cost saving measure, the magazines were combined.
ADA Online editor provides editorial assistance to the Fires staff with ADA specific articles, facts/figures, historical data, photographs, contacts and other services as needed.

Reaching more than 65,000 artillerymen, Fires disseminates professional knowledge about FA and ADA progress and development; cultivating a common understanding of the power, limitations and application of joint fires, both lethal and nonlethal; and fosters joint fires interdependency among the armed services. Fires is used to transmit professional news; analyses of developments; inform personnel of up-to-date changes on roles and mission, as well as evolving tactics, techniques and procedures, while serving as a forum for debate on topics and issues that affect the ADA and FA communities. Additionally, Fires fosters a spirit of unity and esprit de corps by forging a bond among active duty, reserve, guardsmen and retired ADA/FA Soldiers. Fires is used to cultivate the understanding of and interoperability between FA and ADA units - all of which contribute to the good of both branches, the Army, joint forces and our Nation.

  • Article/Photo Submission: All submissions should meet requirements as set in the Fires Submissions Guide.
    E-mail submissions to the editor at; or mail your manuscript to P.O. Box 33311, Fort Sill, OK 73503-0311; for overnight delivery use, Building 652, Room 204, Sheridan Hall, Fort Sill, Oklahoma 73503-5600. For more information, or general questions call: DSN 639-5121/6806 or commercial (580) 442-5121/6806. 
  • Subscriptions:
    For units and other U.S. Government agencies send request to
    Individual subscriptions must be requested through the Superintendent of Documents toll free at (866) 512-1800 or in writing to P.O. Box 37154, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954.
  • For more information on Fires click here.