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July 2010
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Specialist Brooke M. Bandy (left) and an unidentified Soldier both from A Battery, 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment (A/5-7 ADA), 357th Air and Missile Defense-Detachment, familiarizes members of the Polish military with preventive maintenance training on the Patriot Missile Systems in Morag, Poland, on 1 June 2010. See article, Patriot Missile Battery Arrives in Poland, by First Lieutenant William A. Green, in the July-August 2010 issue of the Fires Bulletin (page 16).
(Photo by SSG Lawree Washington, U.S. Army)

For more articles and video click on the following links:
Fulfilling a Promise to Poland
Partnering with Poland
Battery Matters: US Patriot Missiles Installed in Poland

Arrival of American Patriot Anti-Aircraft Missile in Poland on Russia's Doorstep

You can also access the Fires Bulletin at

Private First Class Alysha Gleason and Sergeant Chad Ervin both of E Battery,  4th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, conduct maintenance on a radar at Forward Operating Base Delta, Iraq, on 22 August 2009. The Soldiers are members of a counter-rocket, -artillery and -mortar (C-RAM) team.  See article, C-RAM and IFPC: The Way Ahead, by Captain Edmund A. Guy III, in the July-August 2010 issue of the Fires Bulletin (page 31).
(Photo by SSG Brien Vorhees, U.S. Army)

You can also access the Fires Bulletin at

Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Basic Officers
Leadership Course (BOLC) Graduation

On Friday, 16 July 2010, 44 lieutenants from the first ADA BOLC Class (03-10) taught at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, graduated. Colonel Rodney X. McCants, Assistant Commandant, U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery School (USAADASCH), was the guest speaker. Along with Colonel McCants, Captains Jason A. Byrd and Stephen Tolbert assisted in awarding  diplomas, certificates and special recognition mementos.  Second Lieutenant (2LT) John Matz, was recognized as the Distinguished Honor Graduate, and also received the Army Communication Skills Award. The BG Stephen M. Mellnik Leadership Award was presented to 2LT Ruffino Farias Jr. and the Iron Leader Award went to 2LT Megan Pekol.

"Sharpening the Leader's Edge"
On 1 July 2010, members of the Noncommissioned Officers Academy and guests witnessed the combined graduation of the Advanced and Senior Leader Courses at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The Guest Speaker was Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Paul J. Kogut, assigned to the 4th Battalion, 3rd Air Defense Artillery (ADA), 31st ADA Brigade.
The following Soldiers were recognized for excellence:

Senior Leader Course Class 004-10

The CSM James D. Blankenbeckler Distiguished Honor Graduate for SLC Class 004-10 was Staff Sergeant Mark X. Espindola of Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, Fires Center of Excellence, Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

The Honor Graduate for SLC Class 004-10 was Staff Sergeant Eric J. Wood, from C Battery, 3rd Battalion, 6th ADA Brigade (C/3-6 ADA), Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

The Mitchell W. Stout Leadership Award for SLC Class 004-10 was Staff Sergeant Phillip Kightlinger, from E/4th Battalion ADAR, Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Instructor of the Cycle was Sergeant First Class Arthur V. Jones.

Advanced Leader Course Class 004-10

The Distinguished Honor Graduate for ALC Class 004-10 was Staff Sergeant Brittany L. Scherer from C/3-6 ADA, Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

The Honor Graduate for ALC Class 004-10 was Staff Sergeant Seth R. Crowder from the U.S. Army Recruiting Command (USAREC), Seattle, Washington.

The Mitchell W. Stout Leadership Award for ALC Class 004-10 was Staff Sergeant Rory J. Keating from D/2-6 ADA, Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Instructor of the Cycle was Staff Sergeant Christopher C. Ragland.


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Links to Air and Missile Defense Articles From News Media Websites.

26 July 2010

Israel, US to Develop New Missile System

(Christian Broadcasting Network)
"For our part, we are working with Israel to upgrade its Patriot Air and Missile Defense System, which was first deployed during the Gulf War, ...

India Conducts Successful Missile Defense Test
(Global Security Newswire)
... at a Prithvi 2 missile that had been modified for the test and launched from Chandipur, according to the Defense Research and Development Organization.

Experimental US Missile Defense Satellites Pass Big Tests
By Stuart Fox A pair of experimental US missile defense satellites has passed a series of vital tests in space, spotting three missile launches and ...
See also:
THAAD Radar Performs Effectively in Missile Defense Test (AZOsensors) and
US Missile Defense Satellites Pass Critical Test (

NATO Missile Shield to be Ready by Year's End
(Global Security Newswire)
NATO missile defense head Brig. Gen. Alessandro Pera said last week's testing produced "the kind of performance necessary to conduct a theater missile ...

Raytheon Finds Just What it Needs in Huntsville
(The Huntsville Times - - Blog)
"Mike is an icon in the missile defense (industry)." Griffin, who was in Farnborough, England, for the annual international air show, was unavailable for ...

Joint US Korean Exercise Focuses on Anti-Submarine Warfare, Air Defenses
(Voice of America)
"Our intent is to improve defense capabilities in areas such as anti-submarine warfare, air defense and anti-surface warfare," Cloyd said.

Barak Leaves Israel for US After Officials Sign Missile Pact
The refined Arrow missile will give Israel “the ability to shoot down weapons of mass destruction from outside the atmosphere,” a Defense Ministry statement ...

India Successfully Test-Fires Interceptor Missile
(RTT News)
Monday's successful test is considered a breakthrough in India's quest for developing a full-fledged multi-layer ballistic missile defense system, ...

'Star Wars' Lives
(New York Post)
Next, ideological blinders led the Clinton administration to halve funding for missile defense -- but then President George W. Bush refunded it, ...

US Considering Saudi Arms Sales Valued at Up to $30 Billion
... government-to-government Foreign Military Sales (FMS) channel have been largely focused on aviation, anti-missile air defense, and naval platforms.

Navy to Visit Langley to Talk About Bringing Missile Radar Platform to Puget Sound
(Seattle Post Intelligencer)
The Navy and the Missile Defense Agency need a deep-water port to work on their Sea-Based X-Band Radar platform (SBX), currently based in Adak, Alaska, ...

Lockheed Partners with NANA
Defense contractor Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMT) partnered with NANA Development Corporation to compete for the US Missile Defense Agency's Ground-Based ...

25 July 2010

Turkey Going Nuclear – A Game Changer

( - Blog)
... the uncertainty surrounding the future of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe, and his water-treading missile defense program—have raised significant ...

Will Federal In-Sourcing of Jobs Cut What Some See as Overdependence on ...
( - Blog)
… hosts offices and operations for NASA, the Missile Defense Agency, the FBI, the Justice Department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms - a total of ...

23 July 2010

Russia Welcome to Participate in Missile Defense, Clinton Says
 Russia is still welcome to join a trans-Atlantic missile defense shield even as the US pushes to make the system
operational earlier than originally planned, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said.

Tea Party Activists Come Out Against START
(Foreign Policy -Blog)
Our existing missile defense system, put in place by the Bush Administration, actually does not have the technology to stop a Russian missile attack.

NATO Closer to Missile Defense
A missile defense system for NATO will be ready for commanders by the end of the year following a series of key tests, leaders said in Brussels.

Franks Praises Successful Laser Defense Shield Test
(Trading Markets - Press Release)
Congressman Trent Franks (AZ), founding co-chair of the House Missile Defense Caucus,
and member of the House Armed Services Committee praised the U.S. Navy's successful test of Raytheon's Laser Weapons System (LaWS). During the test, the LaWS' directed-energy beam was used in conjunction with the Phalanx Close-in Weapon System to shoot down four unmanned aerial vehicles flying off the coast of California.

Raytheon Creates Patriot Missile System iPhone App to Keep Launch Crews Skills Sharp
(Popular Science)
There’s an app for everything, Apple says, and apparently that rule does not exclude "the operation ofadvanced missile defenses." Raytheon has developed an app for the Patriot anti-missile system that helps troops stay sharp on the weapons platform even when they are called away from their primary peacetime duties for combat tours.

Raytheon Develops Military Software for Android Smartphones
Raytheon, the American defense contractor that makes the the Patriot missile system, is developing software for Android-based smartphones that could help American soldiers on the battlefield.

US Army's Presence in Poland Most Significant Since World War II
(Stars and Stripes)
Kaiserslautern-based 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery troops mark the most significant presence of U.S. forces in Poland since the end of World War II.  For the first time since then, U.S. Army soldiers are making regular rotations into Poland, this time to train its forces to use Patriot missiles.

On Missile Defense

(The New York Times)
Russia has engaged in a variety of joint missile defense projects with individual NATO members, as well as the alliance as a whole, in recent years. None of these efforts achieved sustained success. No major recent developments have occurred that would overcome the perennial impediments to greater ballistic missile defense (BMD) cooperation.

TASC Inc. Selected to Lead DOD's $200 Million SBIRS SE&I Prime Contract
(PR Newswire - Press Release)
Under terms of the contract, the TASC team will work on several key mission areas of the Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) program, the nation's missile early warning and defense system, including missile defense, battlespace awareness and technical intelligence.

White House Presses Senate GOP on Arms Treaty
(New York Times)
... approve its new arms control treaty with Russia by committing to modernizing the nuclear arsenal and making additional guarantees about missile defense.

22 July 2010

China's Pro-Missile Navy Sinks Carriers
(Asia Times Online)
"It is also necessary for the US to develop new multi-role medium range missiles that can provide missile defense and surface strike, even anti-ship ...

Lockheed Martin Partners with NANA Development Corporation for Critical GMD
(PR Newswire - Press Release)
Together, the corporations will apply their proven experience to ensure the reliability and readiness of the GMD element of the Ballistic Missile Defense System, which defends the U.S., its deployed military forces, friends and allies against a limited attack by intermediate- and long-range ballistic missiles.

HOLMES: A Better Way to Arms Control
(Washington Times)
Supporters of the New START treaty want you to believe that 1.) All who oppose it are nuke-loving troglodytes; and 2.) Its an "all or nothing" deal, the only way to a world without nuclear weapons. They're wrong on both counts. Critics of New START do not oppose all arms-control pacts. But they worry that this treaty can lead to more instability in the world, not less.

Missile Shield:
Is Israel Safe?

Anti-missile defense system, on which Israelis within range of Hamas, Hezbollah's short-range rockets hang their hopes, will be ready for use in November, ...

Raytheon Achieves First Milestone for Patriot United Arab Emirates Program
(PR Newswire -
Press Release)
Raytheon IDS is the prime contractor for both domestic and international Patriot Air and Missile Defense Systems and system integrator for Patriot Advanced ...

Orbital Announces Second Quarter 2010 Financial Results
(MarketWatch -
Press Release)
These increases were partially offset by decreased activity on missile defense interceptor programs and the Orion human spacecraft Launch Abort System (LAS) ...

Army Space and Missile Defense Command Engineer Guilty of Accepting Bribes
(7th Space Interactive -Press Release)
Court documents in the case relate the following: BRYANT was a public official from 2002 to 2010 while he worked as an engineer with the missile defense ...

Read more at:
US Army Space and Missile Defense Command Engineer Pleads Guilty to Accepting Bribes
Ex-Missile Engineer Pleads Guilty
(Scottsboro Daily Sentinel)

U.S. Anti-Drone Weapon Unveiled
U.S. defense giant Raytheon Missile Systems has unveiled a laser weapon capable of shooting unmanned aerial vehicles from a range of just less than 2 miles.

Debating the New START Treaty
(Council on Foreign Relations)
When viewed together, it is clear that the treaty's preamble, the Russian unilateral statement on missile defense, and remarks by senior Russian officials ...

Raytheon Offers iPhone App for Patriot Anti-Missile System
(UberGizmo - Blog)
Seems to be the case with Raytheon grabbing headlines yet again by offering its own iPhone app that is capable of controlling its Patriot anti-missile ...

Read more at:
Defence Firm Launches Missile App
(BBC News)

Yossi Melman/Iron Dome May Not Be as Effective as the IDF Thinks
Officials painted a rosy picture of the missile defense system after the recent successful test, but a number of unaddressed issues may shoot down their optimism.

New Generation S-500 Missile Defense System To Enter Service
(Space Daily)
Answering a question about the S-500's technical specifications, Air Force Commander Colonel General Alexander Zelin said: "I would not compare the S-500 with the U.S. missile defense since they have different technical characteristics". The S-500 is expected to have an extended range of up to 600 km (over 370 miles) and simultaneously engage up to 10 targets. The system will be capable of destroying hypersonic and ballistic targets.

Read more at:
Russia Touts Planned Missile Defenses
(Global Security Newswire)

21 July 2010

 Israeli Rocket Defense System Completed

(FOXNews - Blog)
This week Israel has completed its new and very ambitious "Iron Dome" air defense system, which is designed to give a solution to ...

Army Space and Missile Defense Command Engineer Pleads Guilty to Accepting Bribes
According to court documents, Bryant was a public official from 2002 to 2010 while he worked as an engineer with the missile defense command at Redstone ...

Raytheon To Assemble Standard Missiles in Alabama
(Space News)
The US Missile Defense Agency manages testing, integration and fielding activities from Huntsville. Production of the SM-3 is expected to increase ...

Central Value Out of Many Sources
By forming the Missile Defense Agency (
MDA), the US government consolidated organizations from across the Department of ...

Boeing Completes Air Defense Test
The Australian air force will use Vigilare for a multinational air defense exercise this month, Boeing said in a news release. The Vigilare network-centric ...

Army Testing Patriot Missile Android App
(InformationWeek)Google's Android mobile operating system is good at lots of things. Who knew that one of them was targeting Patriot missiles at the enemy?

All Together Now: Missile Defense
(International Herald Tribune)
After decades of failed efforts to find common ground on missile defense, leaders in Washington, Moscow and Brussels have returned to the task.

Laser Shoots Down Drones at Sea (w/ Video)
Editor of Jane's Defense Weekly, Peter
Felstead, said the laser marks the beginning of a new era in missile defense technology, since lasers are becoming ...

AIR DEFENSE: Iron Dome Ready For Warehousing
(Strategy Page)
The Israeli Air Force has successfully conducted final acceptance tests of its Iron Dome anti-rocket system, seeing if the system could ...

Smartphones Could be Latest Battle Accessory
(Reuters Canada)
Raytheon, which makes the Patriot missile defense system, is developing software which could enable a soldier to find enemies in his or her surrounding terrain using a mobile phone running Google's Android operating system.

Missile Plant Bolsters Per Capita Income
(The Decatur Daily - Subscription)
The two missiles to be built at the Arsenal are in the forefront of the nation's evolving missile defense program. Instead of relying on fixed missile sites ...

20 July 2010

Russian Air Defense Weakness: Modernizing or Optimizing

Moreover, Osa-AKM combat vehicles and
Buk-M1 self-propelled air defense systems captured by Russian troops were equipped with standard ground radar ...

US, South Korea Plan 'Show of Force' Exercises Against North Korea
(Washington Times)
In all, more than 100 aircraft will take part, and an air-defense exercise will be included with simulated strikes and naval ship-passing maneuvers.

Obama is Stripping National Defense
( - Press Release)
My interest in the status of our air defense was piqued while watching a recent C-SPAN broadcast of some Senate committee discussing funding of the C-17.

Fort Bliss Soldier Kills Self in Police Standoff
(Dallas Morning News)
A U.S. Army soldier assigned to the Battery A, 2nd Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense Regiment, 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command at Fort Bliss, has died after shooting himself in the chest during a standoff with local police.

Report: No Missile System to Iran
(Jerusalem Post)
By YAAKOV KATZ Israel reacted positively on Tuesday to Moscow's announcement that it will not deliver S-300 surface-to-air missile defense systems to Iran.

Two and a half Cheers for Obama on South Korea
(Foriegn Policy)
Because a unified Korea under South Korean rule is a long-term goal, the allies should discuss measures to deter North Korean provocations, ways in which South Korea and Japan can improve ties and operate more closely together, and contingency planning for a North Korean collapse.

IAI' Multi-Mission Radar Performed an Active Role in a Successful Series of Tests of the Iron Dome System
The Israel Defense Establishment has recently completed a series of successful tests of the Iron Dome system. The battery includes two multi mission radars (MMRs), produced by ELTA Systems Ltd., a group and wholly owned subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), which were stationed at different points. As part of the tests, tens of rockets were fired, and IAI/ELTA's radars performed outstandingly well, playing a key role in the success of the tests.

Dangers on Homefront Exceed Battlefield for Some Soldiers
Soldiers of the First Armored Division's Fourth Brigade are statistically at higher risk of death upon returning to their home base of Fort Bliss, Texas, than they were while deployed in Iraq, the New York Times reported July 14.

DoD Official Assures Skeptical McCain On START
(Talk Radio News Service)

Multiple members of the Senate Armed Services Committee today expressed deep concerns over elements of the new START Treaty, saying they have doubts regarding the trustworthiness of Russia. Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), cited a Russian unilateral statement that said the nation would pull out of the treaty if there is any build up in U.S. missile defense.

US Navy Successfully Uses Laser to Shoot Down Drones
(CBS News)
The U.S. Navy has used a laser weapon to shoot down four unmanned aerial vehicles in a test that rings up memories of Ronald Reagan's "Star Wars" missile defense shield in the 1980s.

Obama's Costly Appeasement of Israelis
(Palestine Chronicle)
“We are working with Israel to upgrade its Patriot Air and Missile Defense System, which was first deployed during the Gulf War , and have installed ...

Raytheon Unveils New Modernized Patriot System Interface
(PR Newswire - Press Release)
Part of the modernized Patriot Air and Missile Defense System's command and control system, MMS provides improved target identification, decision-making and ...

US-Korean Defense Leaders Announce Exercise
The United States and South Korea today announced a series of military exercises designed to send a strong, clear message to North Korea to stop its provocative and warlike acts. The first in a series is a combined maritime and air readiness exercise named Invincible Spirit. About 8,000 U.S. and South Korean military personnel will participate.

India Evaluating Patriot Ground-Based Air Defense System
(Daily News & Analysis)
On India developing its own missile defense shield, Garret said, "Patriot system gives a major boost to any country's defense capability.

Estonia Castigates Russia for Missile Deployment
(Baltic Reports)
The Russian missile deployment is seen as a quid pro quo for the US installation of a temporary Patriot missile base in Morag, Poland in May.

Northrop Grumman, Raytheon STSS System Passes Third Demonstration Test
(Satellite Today - Subscription)
Space Tracking and Surveillance System (STSS) demonstration program satellites built by Northrop Grumman and Raytheon have completed a U.S. Missile Defense Agency Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) test on the space-based sensor's capabilities, the companies announced.

19 July 2010

5000 Jobs On The Line As The Government Restructures Its Contractors
The order of operations is changing significantly for the Missile Defense Agency. MDA leaders will be awarding fewer prime contracts under ...

VIDEO/Iron Dome Missile Defense System Aces Final Test Run
U.S President Barack Obama in May asked Congress for $205 million to support the development of Iron Dome, which intercepts the type of rockets used by Palestinian militants in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

START Provisions Could Weaken US Missile Defense, Say Experts
(Talk Radio News Service)
“It was so important to the Russians, this one piece of preamble language in the treaty, that on the day the treaty was signed they released a unilateral statement saying that ‘Based on this preambluar language, the United States cannot…enhance its missile defenses, otherwise we’re going to withdraw under article 14,’” said Steven Groves with the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Killer Drones Get Stealthy
(Wired News)
Loud, slow-moving, and simple to spot, any air defense more potent than a militant with an AK is liable to take one of the robotic planes down.

Report Says China Increasing Missiles Targeting Taiwan To 2000
(RTT News)
Under a $6.5-billion arms package approved in late 2008, Taiwan is acquiring Patriot air defense missile systems from the United States.

STRATEGIC WEAPONS: South Korea Deploys Long-Range Missiles
(Strategy Page)
South Korean knows a lot about the North Korean air defense system, which is decidedly low tech (although quite massive) compared to what South Korea has.

Raytheon to Build Missile Plant in Alabama
(Wall Street Journal)
Expecting a surge in orders for a missile interceptor that is a key part of the U.S. strategy for defending Europe from a ballistic-missile attack, Raytheon Co. plans to build a missile-production facility in Huntsville, Alabama.

In Defense of Missile Defense
( - Blog)
James Woolsey, former director of Central Intelligence, and Rebaccah Heinrichs, a former manager of the House Bipartisan Missile Defense Caucus published an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal vividly illustrating the threat posed by Iran’s weapons program and the need for a robust U.S. missile defense system.

18 July 2010

Dancing With the New Guards of Auschwitz?(Family Security Matters)
When the Missile Defense Agency and Bush administration asked for help building missile defenses against what I have called “the arrows of Allah”, where was their help? Soros, for example, funded the Center for American Progress, which proposed cutting missile defense spending from $9 billion to $2 billion. ridiculed missile defense as both unnecessary and unworkable.

Naval Laser Test Blasts Drones from the Sky
(USA Today)
Most famously they're used in missile defense, but increasingly, and with more success, in small-scale operations, such as knocking down incoming mortars, ...

Russia Deploys Powerful Iskander Missiles Along Its North-Western Frontier(Hamsayeh.Net)
According to General Postinkov, deployment of Iskander in Leningrad area would have nothing to do with US Patriot missile systems in Poland, ...

Why Nuclear-Arms Treaty is not a Deadly Mistake
(Philadelphia Inquirer)
In a reprisal of Cold War debates, hard-liners are seeking to block ratification of the treaty in the Senate, where it needs a two-thirds majority, by depicting the deal as a dangerous sellout to Moscow. The treaty deserves careful scrutiny, but it is in danger of becoming the victim of a hazing campaign. The Heritage Foundation announces on its website that it "has been leading the charge against New START treaty, as we do with all threats to American sovereignty and independence. And our message is getting through to our target audience in Congress."

17 July 2010

US Reaffirms Military Support To Israel
(Aviation Week)
The missile defense system relies on a new 80-element, active, electronically scanned array radar made by Elta. Network offense and defense are also issues ...

Russia to Deploy Iskander Missiles in Leningrad (Xinhua) Russia has deployed the first Iskander tactical missile system in the northwestern military district of Leningrad, ...

Russian-American Relations in Search of a Proper Balance
(Huffington Post - Blog)
... or that giving up the idea of placing anti-missile defense elements in the Czech Republic and Poland and abandoning further expansion of NATO by ...

2 Fighters Scramble During Obama Trip
(FOXNews - Blog)
NORAD is the bi-national Canadian and American command that is responsible for the air defense of North America and maritime warning.

16 July 2010

Group Seeks Wreaths for 37000 Graves
(El Paso Times)
Lieutenant Colonel Debbie Torres wants every gravesite -- more than 37,000 -- at the Fort Bliss National Cemetery to have a holiday wreath one day. She said those buried at the cemetery deserve the honor.

Russia's Air Defense Responds To All Aircraft Near Its Airspace
(Free Republic)
The Russian air defense system is designed so that it responds to all aircraft approaching the state's airspace, a high ranking Defense Ministry source has said. "That is perhaps its basic difference from the American system," the source said commenting on recent remarks by a senior U.S. military official.

Chile to Buy Forward Area Air Defense Systems
(Defpro News)
The Defense Security Cooperation Agency notified Congress July 13 of a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of Chile of three Forward Area Air Defense (FAAD) Command and Control Intelligence Systems (C2I), three Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio Systems (SINCGARS) Vehicle Dual Long-Range Radio Systems (AN/VRC-92E), 14 Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS) Radio Transmitters, three FAAD Force Operations Systems Air and Missile Defense Workstations (AMDWS), spare parts and other related equipment and support at an estimated cost of $105 million. See also:

Chile to Buy Forward Area Air Defense Systems (Defence Talk)

Russia Seeks to Impose New ABM Treaty on the US by Developing BMD
(Georgian Daily)
The S-500 will, in fact, be a semi-strategic BMD system developing close to the range of the speed of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM’s) at 9 km/second. The long history of efforts to develop a BMD based on hit-to-kill technology convinced many in the Russian military that it would be futile and technically unattainable. In the 1970’s, the Russian military abandoned all attempts to develop so called “direct interceptors” that destroy an enemy warhead by ramming it in a “bullet hitting a bullet” fashion. Instead, Russia developed an “indirect” nuclear BMD system (the A-35 deployed around Moscow) that destroys incoming ballistic warheads by nuclear megaton explosions in the sky.

The Obama Administration's Approach to US-Israel Security Cooperation: Preserving Israel's Qualitative Military Edge
(US Department of State) Given the threat Israel faces from short- and medium-range missiles, Israeli air and missile defense systems are an area of particular focus.

Germany Backs MEADS Defense System Over Patriot
A German government internal report obtained by Reuters on Friday states a preference for the US-European MEADS missile ...

Washington News Review: Despite Diplomatic Tensions, U.S.-Israeli
(Washington News Review)
 This week, Israel successfully conducted a test of a new mobile missile-defense system designed to shield Israeli towns from small rockets launched from the Gaza Strip.

Iranian Threat Risking to Overwhelm Gulf US Missile Systems
(Naval Open Source Intelligence)
The United States missile defense systems protecting American forces in four major Gulf States is inadequate and “vastly outnumbered” to deal with the looming Iranian threat, a key American missile advocate has warned.

Ron Paul Joins Far Left, to Slash National Defense (Grendel Report)
Slash spending on missile defense and space.

New START's Many Problems: What the Experts Say
(The Foundry)
Further, the Russians have unilaterally declared that the article which allows either Russia or the U.S. to withdraw…is intended to allow Russian withdrawal if it believes new U.S. missile defense capabilities pose a threat to its ...

Conservatives Cling to Bloated Pentagon Budget
In addition, Goure takes exception to the SDTF report's recommendation that the Pentagon cut about $5 billion per year from the missile defense budget, a sum that would still leave the program with $4 to $5 billion per year to play with ...

POINT OF VIEW/ Michele Flournoy: U.S.-Japan Alliance a Cornerstone in a Complex World
( - Blog)
Japan's decision to invest in advanced AEGIS destroyers, upgrade its Patriot missile battalion, and cooperate with the United States on a next generation of missile defense systems, underscores a firm commitment to enhancing regional deterrence.

US, Poland, Sign Revised Missile-Defense Accord
(Voice of America)
The United States and Poland Saturday signed an amended agreement under which U.S. missile interceptors, aimed against a developing Iranian threat, will be based on Polish soil. Secretary of State Clinton said the revised program will make a system operational sooner than one promoted by the Bush administration, and will pose no threat to Russia.

TSMC Says to Spend $9.4 Billion on New Taiwan Plant
US defense firm Raytheon said Wednesday it was awarded a contract worth 1.1 billion dollars to upgrade Taiwan's defensive Patriot missile systems, a deal which has drawn fierce protests from China.

15 July 2010

Polish Troops Train with Patriot Missile System
(Video News Live) Polish troops train with Patriot Missile System - US troops training Polish counterparts. (Select “Launch the video manually”.)

Right Strikes Out on START (DoD Buzz)Kevin Chilton, and Missile Defense Agency Director Lieutenant General Patrick O'Reilly strongly support the treaty on the grounds that it limits and allows the monitoring of Russia’s still enormous nuclear arsenal.

Chiarelli: Army Wants to Cut Arms, Not Soldiers
In General Peter Chiarelli’s briefing he mentioned a list of every portfolio the Army intends to study: precision fires, aviation, engineer, air and missile defense, combat vehicle modernization, tactical wheeled vehicles, radios, the network, work force composition, software/hardware, soldier systems, ISR, training ammunition, watercraft, Army training strategy, installation management, sustained accounts and organizational structure.

U.K., France To Launch 'Ambitious' Cooperation Study
( - Subscription)
Britain and France have agreed to a joint effort to examine which defense capabilities the two countries might share and those for which they could depend on each other, in a bid to boost cooperation in Europe.

Navy Awards Jammer Contracts
ITT, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems were awarded contracts to develop prototypes "of what a jammer capable of defeating 21st-century air defense radars should look like," The Navy Times reported.

14 July 2010

Iranian Threat Overwhelms U.S. Missile Defense Systems in Persian Gulf

(PR Newswire - Press Release)
“The Iranian ballistic missile threat, both capability and intent as recognized by U.S. Central Command, consists of over a thousand deployed missiles with the ability to release multiple munitions to the Persian Gulf region. The size and scope of this threat drives the need for missile defense protection to be a top priority. The Iranian ballistic missiles are located as close as 100 miles from threatened areas; only a few short minutes of missile flight time away,” said Riki Ellison, Chairman and Founder of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance (MDAA).

Missile Defense System Upgrade on Track
(Alaska Public Radio Network)
The missile defense system at Fort Greely is on track to be completed by 2012. That was the word from Assistant Missile Defense Agency Director Colonel George Bond.

Commonwealth of Independent States Forming Regional Air Defense Systems
(Kyiv Post)
Regional air defense systems are being formed in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia within the framework
of the joint air defense system of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Russian Air Force spokesman lieutenant-colonel Vladimir Drik told Interfax-AVN on Tuesday.

“Golf Ball” Radar Back in Isles
(Honolulu Star-Advertiser)
It is the latest in a series of frequent stops here by the distinctive "SBX," which is part of the US ballistic missile defense shield.

Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Air Defense Network Proceeding Apace in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

The CSTO joint air defense initiative appears to be bearing some fruit, with Russian air defense radars in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan getting an upgrade.

13 July 2010

James Woolsey and Rebeccah Heinrichs: Iran and the Missile Defense Imperative

(Wall Street Journal)
U.S. intelligence now sees Tehran developing intercontinental missiles by 2015. If we continue our current strategy, we will not be able to counter the threat.

Russia To Augment Missile Defense Along Border With North Korea
Russia is to deploy its latest surface-to-air missiles along its border with North Korea as part of efforts to strengthen its missile defense system in the region.

Beyond the Rhetoric

The treaty’s preambular language itself, states: Recognizing the existence of the interrelationship between strategic offensive arms and strategic defensive arms [missile defense], that this interrelationship will become more important as strategic nuclear arms are reduced, and that current strategic defensive arms do not undermine the viability and effectiveness of the strategic offensive arms of the Parties.

Russia Plans Further Purchases of Missile Defense Systems
(Global Security Newswire)
"We stand against unilateral approaches to missile defense issues and against the placement of weapons in space," said President Dmitry Medvedev.

A Welcome Debate: A Week of START Op-Ed
( - Blog)
Quoting Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Senator Lugar makes the point that the Russians have always hated missile defense and as they want to stop us from developing it, nothing in the treaty makes that possible.

Defending the Skies
( - Subscription)
World events are slowly but surely dragging the U.S. Navy into a global ballistic missile defense role. Although the Navy has been reluctant to accept this mission, it has all the characteristics required to be the logical service to assume the lead.

Romney Raising Money Off the START Treaty
(The Atlantic - Blog)
And inexplicably, it limits our ability to deploy an effective missile defense system. As such, it fails to address the looming threats posed by Iranian and North Korean nuclear proliferation.

BAE Taranis Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle
(UCAV): Meet the New Jet-Powered, Weaponized, Low-Observable, and Autonomous God of Thunder

(Defense Review)
Anyone remember the movie Stealth (2005)? It was a huge bomb at the box office, but it did feature some interesting fictional future aircraft tech, including the “Extreme Deep Invader (EDI)” an autonomous high-speed, low-observable jet-powered unmanned combat
air vehicle (UCAV) with artificial intelligence (via a quantum computer pilot module).

Raytheon Exhibit Pavilion at Farnborough Air Show to Feature Interactive Experiences Spanning 'Innovation In All Domains
(MarketWatch - Press Release)
Raytheon's new exhibit pavilion, will feature interactive demonstrations and electronic information on critical defense and aviation technologies including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR); unmanned systems; integrated fighter systems; air traffic management; space systems; cyberspace solutions; integrated air and missile defense such as Standard Missile-3 and Global Patriot; land combat systems; global training solutions, and more.

What Will Gates' Legacy Be at Defense?
(RealClearPolitics - Blog)
Gates again over-reached by promising a sea-based missile defense for Poland and our European allies to replace the ground-based defense system promised by President Bush.

12 July 2010

GAFFNEY: Disastrous Transformation of US Defense

(Washington Times)
Hollowing out the American Military -
Barack Obama came to office promising to "fundamentally transform" America. As president, he has done so with most obvious and dramatic effect in the government's takeover of more and more of the private sector of the U.S. economy. Almost entirely lost in the hue and cry precipitated by such actions as the stimulus bill, ObamaCare, student loans and financial "reform," however, are Obama initiatives that threaten an arguably even more momentous transformation: changing the United States from "the world's sole superpower" to a nation that may require the permission, or at least the help, of others to project power and defend its interests around the globe.

Brits Offer a Sneak Peek at Their Killer Stealth Drone
(AOL News)
A British aerospace company today unveiled what could be the next generation of unmanned aerial vehicles: an armed drone that can slip undetected over a country's border and attack deep inside enemy territory. Called Taranis, after the Celtic god of thunder and lightning, the stealthy drone is designed to evade radar and penetrate a country's air-defense system.

Lockheed Martin Announces Farnborough International Airshow 2010 Media Briefing Schedule
(PR Newswire - Press Release)
Lieutenant General  (Retired) Dennis Cavin, vice president Air and Missile Defense Strategic Initiatives, will discuss Lockheed Martin as a global leader in the design, development and production of missiles and missile defense solutions for the United States and its allies around the world. This briefing includes updates on Lockheed Martin's proven layered air and missile defense solutions including the PAC-3 Missile, THAAD, Aegis, Aegis Ashore and MEADS, highlighting how they can be integrated into a single sustainable and flexible architecture.

National Review: Romney Had It Right At The START
Romney pointed out that the linkage in the preamble of the treaty between strategic offensive weapons and missile defenses could limit our defenses. His critics scoff,
It's just a meaningless preamble.
They should tell that to the Russians. The Russians believe that if we increase our strategic defenses, we are in violation of the treaty and that they will be justified in withdrawing from it. Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said, "Linkage to missile defense is clearly spelled out in the accord and is legally binding." Members of the Duma have said the same thing.

Russia, NATO to Discuss Missile Defense
(Kyiv Post)

The ambassadors of the NATO countries and Russia will discuss the creation of the NATO missile defense system in the near future, Russian envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin said.

Defense Spending in the Gulf to Reach $83 Billion by 2015
(The Media Line)
With Iran just across the waters, Sunni states in the southern Gulf are set to increase their defense expenditure drastically.
Global market research firm, Forecast International, predicts that Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other Sunni countries on the southern side of the Gulf will increase their annual defense spending from $68 billion to $83 billion by 2015.

Northrop-Raytheon Satellite System Notches Successful Test
Northrop Grumman and Raytheon’s Space Tracking and Surveillance System (STSS) demonstration satellites detected and tracked a two-stage ground-based interceptor (GBI) during a Missile Defense Agency flight test.

BAE Systems Seeker Detects Complex Target in THAAD Test
(Trading Markets - Press Release)
In the test, conducted by the U.S. Missile Defense Agency and Lockheed Martin, the THAAD prime contractor and systems integrator verified the interceptor and other system components capability to detect and to intercept a unitary Short Range Ballistic Missile.

11 July 2010

British Troops to Withdraw from South Afghan Area

(Tripoli Post)
British troops will withdraw from a volatile district in southern Afghanistan where they have sustained nearly 100 deaths, turning over responsibility to U.S. forces, the country's defense secretary said Wednesday.

'Mom, I'm Defending
Israel's Skies'

(Jerusalem Post)

Jacqualine Elbaze does not know much about what her daughter Sophie does. In a conversation with Jacqualine from her home in Lyon, France she says that Sophie “defends Israel’s skies” and was in a place called “Bahd 1.”

10 July 2010

Gleacher & Co Reiterates “Buy” Rating on Boeing

(American Banking News)
.. sale and support of commercial jetliners, military aircraft, satellites, missile defense, human space flight and launch systems and services.

Leadership Changes: Major General Dana Pittard Takes Charge of Fort Bliss
(El Paso Times)
Soldiers from the 4th Brigade Combat Team at Fort Bliss saluted as they passed the reviewing stand Friday on post.

Read more at:
New Commander at Fort Bliss (KTSM News Channel 9)
Eastwood High School Grad Takes Command at Fort Bliss(KFOX El Paso)

9 July 2010

US Army Trials Off-Grid Living

Within a year, the US Army will release a list of five candidate installations for conversion to net-zero status. As part of the preparations, four army homes at Fort Bliss base in Texas will be taken totally off the grid, powered by solar, while the military families living in them will keep a diary of how their behavior was affected.

US Missile Defense Agency Offered Blue Sparrow Targets
Rafael and Raytheon are offering the Israeli company's Blue Sparrow air-launched target to the US Missile Defense Agency.

Team to Boost NATO Ability to Track Missile Intercepts
"ThalesRaytheonSystems (TRS) has been awarded a contract by NATO's Active Layered Theater Ballistic Missile Defence (ALTBMD) Program Office to provide the alliance commanders with real-time interim ballistic missile defence capabilities for deployed forces by the end of 2010," the.joint venture company said in a statement.

F-22 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter Will Not be at Farnborough
An appearance at Farnborough would have been one of the first public displays of the Lightning II -- a fifth-generation, single-seat, single-engine stealth multirole fighter that can perform close air support, tactical bombing, and air defense with three different models: a conventional takeoff and landing variant, a short take off and vertical-landing variant, and a carrier-based variant.

8 July 2010

Russia Denies Drafting Missile Defense Pact With US

(WireUpdate - BNO News)
Russia denied on Thursday that a new missile defense pact with the United States is being drafted or in ...

LaBarge Awarded $1.2 Million Contract from Raytheon for RAM Guided Missile Launch System
(MarketWatch -
Press Release)
Produced in partnership by Raytheon and RAMSYS of Germany, RAM is aboard more than 100 ships as an integral self-defense weapon for the navies of the United ...

Northrop Grumman Gets $80M US Military Contract
Defense contractor Northrop Grumman Corp. said Thursday that it has been awarded an $80 million contract to build missile warning systems and processors for ...

Lugar Attacks Romney on Nuclear Treaty
(New York Times - Blog)
Among other things, Mr. Lugar said the treaty imposes no restriction on current American plans for missile defense and has the support of prominent ...

Local Boeing Employee Featured in Missile Defense Story on Company's Site
(The Huntsville
Times - Blog)
Skip Theobald, a retired Army officer, who works for Boeing, talks about building the GMD system and getting silos and interceptor missiles in the cold ground at Fort Greely, Alaska, just a few years ago.

National Review: Debate STARTed On Russian Treaty
Article Five of the treaty explicitly prohibits the conversion of former ICBM silos to the purpose of missile defense; the Russians have publicly stated ...

Space Tracking and Surveillance System Demonstration Satellites Track Two-Stage Interceptor in Missile Defense Test
(MarketWatch -
Press Release)
Tracking data generated by the satellite sensors were transmitted to the Missile Defense Integration and Operation Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., ...

Lugar Vs. Romney on START
(The Atlantic - Blog)
Much of Governor Romney's opposition is based on the supposed harm the Treaty could do to US missile defense plans. But his own list of US "concessions" ...

7 July 2010

How New-START Will Improve Our Nation's Security

(Washington Post)
The Obama administration is free to proceed with missile defense plans it announced last year. Like others unfamiliar with previous arms control agreements, ...

India Tests Short Range Air-to-Air Astra Missile
(Economic Times)
India on Wednesday test-fired its short-range Astra air-to-air missile from a defense base in Orissa for the second time in two days, ...

The Military-Industrial Complex's Win
(Consortium News)
While doing so, he abrogated the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, the cornerstone of deterrence since 1972, and funded a national missile defense system that ...

ThalesRaytheonSystems Delivering BMD Help
ThalesRaytheonSystems has been awarded a contract by NATO to enhance the ballistic missile defense capabilities of deployed ...

Sam Nunn's Fingerprints on Obama's Nuclear Policies
(Atlanta Journal Constitution - Blog)
The head of missile defense efforts has testified that nothing in it would impede our missile defense work. Obama and Biden have taken a vigorous position ...

New START is No Mistake
(Washington Post)
Massachusetts' former governor asserts that the treaty "impedes missile defense." In fact, the preamble notes the relationship between offense and defense, a strategic reality that has been recognized for more than 40 years, but the preamble limits nothing.

Russia Knocks US Plans for Missile Shield
(Global Security Newswire)
Last fall, Washington announced that it was scrapping a Bush-era program for missile defense in favor of a "phased adaptive approach" that would entail ...

Missile Defense Critic to get Recess Appointment
(Foreign Policy - Blog)
President Obama has announced his intention to use a recess appointment to push through the nomination of a leading critic of missile defense to be one of ...

“Virtual” Defense of the Russian Far East: Vostok 2010
On July 3, the Russian defense ministry reported that the air force and air defense formations in the Siberian and Far East MD's had accomplished their ...

Obama's Other Audacious Stealth Appointment

( - Blog)
Coyle's new title may have the word “science” in it, but he is in fact the “high priest” of missile defense denialism. At National Review Online, ...

The New Start Treaty: Time for a Careful Look
(Wall Street Journal)
Third, the treaty links missile defense to strategic arms reduction—a linkage that had been wisely broken by the Bush administration.

6 July 2010

Russia Sees No Threats to Justify Anti-Missile Defense Deployment in Poland: FM

"We are convinced that neither presently nor in future there were missile threats to justify that an anti-missile defense system must be deployed near Russian borders," Russia's Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko’s official website reported.

Romney Blasts New Start Treaty
(New York Times - Blog)
Mr. Romney predicated his opposition on the notion that the treaty would impede American missile defense plans. He argued that even before signing the ...

Hillary Clinton Slams Russia over Georgia: Why Russia Shrugs
(Christian Science Monitor)
During her five-nation visit to the region she also signed a missile defense deal with Poland. Why is Russian reaction so mild?

Israel Seeks to Block Saudi F-15 Deal
Indeed, the Emirates expects to finalize a $7 billion contract to buy Lockheed Martin's high-altitude missile defense system in the next few months.

Israel Reviewing History of Arms Sales to Turkey
(The Media Line)
These included upgrades of F-4 fighter jets, air defense systems, and M-60 battle tanks. “Except for the USA, Turkey was the closest ally to Israel and we ...

Raytheon Gets $368 M Missile Contract
The Standard Missile-6 is an extended range, anti-air warfare weapon for defense against fixed-wing and rotary aircraft and anti-ship cruise missiles.

The Early Word:
MidEast Talks

(New York Times - Blog)
New-START impedes missile defense, our protection from nuclear-proliferating rogue states such as Iran and North Korea. Its preamble links strategic defense ...

Journal of Defense Research, 1969-1978
(Secrecy News - Blog)
It began publication in 1969, replacing the former Journal of Missile Defense Research. Many years later, most of the Journal's contents still seem to be ...

Global Insights: The Case Against Prioritizing BMD Cooperation with Russia
(World Politics Review)
Almost everyone would welcome greater cooperation between Moscow and Washington on ballistic missile defense. But decades of frustrating experience have ...

U.S. Navy Awards Raytheon $368 Million in Contracts for Standard Missile-6
(PR Newswire -
Press Release)
"SM-6 is capable of over-the-horizon air defense and takes full advantage of the kinematics available to the Standard Missile family, allowing the use of ...

Senior MP: Iran Mulling over Rival Defense Systems for S-300
(Fars News Agency)
... commander had announced several months ago that Tehran is able to replace the Russian-made anti-aircraft S-300 missiles with other air defense systems.

Russia Not Seeking To Limit US Air Defense - Russia Deputy FM
(Eurasia Review)
... this [US] administration is prone to act towards the realization of a so-called adaptive approach to the creation of the global air defense system, ...

Russia Says U.S. Plan for Missiles in Poland Unjustified, Interfax Reports
The US and Poland on July 3 signed an agreement that foresees deployment of an SM-3 missile-defense system. The agreement will allow missile defense to ...

Japan Takes a Shot at China- via Taiwan
(Asia Times Online)
It is further believed that the US and Japan plan to turn Diaoyu into an operational outpost of their joint ballistic missile defense system.

Hypersonic Missiles Feasible but Does the U.S. Need It?
... a satellite into orbit, it did succeed in pumping additional billions of US dollars into the nation's $100 billion investment in missile defense.

5 July 2010

Under Shadow of US Missile Defense, Russian-Polish Relations Growing

Washington and Warsaw have put the final touches on a missile defense system for Poland at the same time a “Russian-friendly” candidate has been elected ...

Bulgaria Joins NATO's Anti-Missile Shield with Russian Missiles
(Standart News)
The command of the Bulgarian army has decided to upgrade the Russian missile systems C-200, C-300 and KUB that it has in stock in order to prevent possible air strikes. This is one of the options concerning Bulgaria's participation in NATO's missile defense shield in Europe.

Time to Confront Russia
(New York Times/Letters to the International Herald Tribune – Opinion)
In a recent speech, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “expressed hope” that Russia would drop its opposition to a US missile defense system in Europe.

Clinton Seeks to Allay Russia Reset Concern on East Europe Tour
Clinton offered investment to Ukraine's energy industry, reiterated plans to base a missile defense system in Poland, and urged Armenia and Azerbaijan to ...

Obama's Nuclear Postures
(Middle East
Report Online)
 Missile defense, another of Bush's favorites, is featured prominently in the Nuclear Posture Review Report from 2010. In 2002, it was argued that “the ...

ThalesRaytheonSystems awarded NATO contract to make enhanced Ballistic Missile Defense Capabilities Operational This Year
ThalesRaytheonSystems is proud to deliver a theatre air and missile defense system to ensure the future security of NATO deployed forces,” said Jack Harrington, chief executive officer, ThalesRaytheonSystems.

NATO Forces to Receive Ballistic Missile Defense Capabilities from ThalesRaytheonSystems
(Military & Aerospace Electronics)
Systems integrators at ThalesRaytheonSystems (TRS) in Massey, France, will provide NATO commanders with real-time interim ballistic missile defense ...

Obama OKs Arms Sales to Arab League States on Eve of Netanyahu Visit
(World Tribune)
White House aides said Obama would meet Netanyahu on July 6 amid enhanced Israeli-US cooperation in intelligence, missile defense and security.

4 July 2010

General David Petraeus Takes Command of U.S., NATO Forces

(The Washington Post)
During a ceremony attended by several hundred NATO and Afghan officials in Kabul, Gen. David Petraeus received two flags - one for the U.S. and the other for NATO - as he formally assumed command of the 130,000-strong international force in Afghanistan, the Associated Press reported Sunday morning.

Iran Says World Not to Take Clinton's Words on Missile Defense Shield “Seriously”( News Agency)Iran's foreign minister Sunday dismissed recent remarks by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on missile defense shield, ...

Army, Navy Team Up to Protect Victory Base Complex
(War On Terror News)
There are over 200 WAVES towers on Victory Base Complex that members of JTF 5-5 ADA maintain and operate, said Kristopher Perrin, commander of the Headquarter and Headquarters Battery Joint Task Force Hell Raisers, 5th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Artillery. The unit is also in charge of the ...

US, Poland Sign Amended Missile Defense Pact Despite Russian Objections
(The Hill)
The signature of the amended agreement comes amid Russian objections to a US missile defense system in Europe. The United States has repeatedly said that ...

U.S.-Poland Bilateral Missile Defense Signing and Joint Press Availability With Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski
(US Department of State)
Today, by signing an amendment to the ballistic missile defense agreement, we are reinforcing this commitment. The amendment will allow us to move forward ...

(Strategy Page)
The US Army conducted another successful test firing of its THAAD anti-missile system.

Simulated Command Posts Here Solving Air, Missile Defense Problems for Warfighters around the Globe ...
(The Huntsville Times - - Blog)
Operation Iraqi Freedom was the largest deployment of air defense systems since World War II. But the new nature of warfare wouldn't allow for soldiers to ...

US Starts the Missile Defense in Poland to Defend NATO Allies( indecisive Obama administration settles upon Poland for the US Ballistic Missile Defense site after all, amending the former agreement.


3 July 2010

US Will Give $15M for Auschwitz Museum

(Krakow Post)
...Hillary Clinton has resulted in a $15 million pledge to the Auschwitz museum and a formal agreement with Poland for a unified missile defense system.

Iran Wants To Produce Long-Range Missiles For Air Defense
(Eurasia Review)"At present, Iran is on track to design long-range missile for passive air defense," the website quoted Ahmad Vahidi as saying.

U.S., Poland Sign Missile Shield pact on Clinton Trip
While there were reports last year that Poland was unhappy with Obama's abandoning the Bush missile defense plan, Sikorski said his nation preferred the new ...

US Pledges $15 Million to Preserve Site of Concentration Camp
Also Saturday, Poland and the United States amended their missile defense agreement, formally aligning with the Obama administration's new plan to protect ...

US and Poland Amend Missile-Defense Plan
(Wall Street Journal)
The United States and Poland formally amended their missile-defense agreement to conform with the Obama ...

U.S., Poland Amend Missile-Defense Plan
(Wall Street Journal)
Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said President Obama's new approach to missile defense, which relies initially on already-available weapons ...

Clinton in Poland for Bilateral Missile Defense Deal, Promotion of Democracy
(Voice of America)
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has arrived in Krakow, Poland, where she will witness the signing of a bilateral missile defense agreement.

Defense Minister: Bulgaria to Host US Missile Shield after 2015
After his week-long trip to the USA, Defense Minister Anyu Angelov has confirmed Bulgaria's firm position that it will participate in the US missile defense ...

Clinton Arrives in Poland to Promote Democracy
(The Associated Press)
She also was to witness the signing of a technical amendment to a US-Poland agreement on missile defense. The amendment adjusts an existing accord, ...

'Strike Fear' Prepares to Deploy to Afghanistan
(Clarksville Online)
The colors are cased, and rapid-fire training is complete, now the Soldiers from the 2
nd Battalion, 44th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, are on their way to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Friday 2 July 2010

US Aircraft Portable-Missile Defense May Cost $43 Billion


US to Deploy Interceptors to Poland
(The Epoch Times)
The interceptors offer defense against medium- and long-range ballistic missiles. The interceptors are part of President Obama's revamped missile defense ...

Key to Winning in Afghanistan is Realistic Policy
Gates, testifying before a Senate committee last week, discussed the US missile defense system. The Russians "will always hate it, mostly because we'll ...

National Guard Troops Answer 'Call To Duty' In Reynoldsburg
The "Call to Duty" ceremony was held for about 30 members of the Army National Guard's 174th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, 10TV News reported.

'Big Losses' If Russia Halts Iran's S-300s

India Plans Missile Shield Drill
(Global Security Newswire)
 India plans next month to conduct a test of its experimental ballistic missile defense system, the Press Trust of India reported yesterday.

Israel's Protection Blanket
(FOXNews - Blog)
Stunner's lethal hit-to-kill effects ensure tactical overmatch against a wide range of air and missile defense threats.

US Must Prioritize BMD Cooperation with Russia
(World Politics Review)
Under President Barack Obama, and according to the recent Ballistic Missile Defense Review and Nuclear Posture Review, BMD has assumed an established role ...

THADD Nails Lowest Target, Seventh of
Seven in Testing

(United States Army -
Press Release)
A THAAD interceptor missile is launched from the Pacific Missile Range Facility off the island of Kauai, Hawaii, ...

US Military Continues to Analyze its ICBM Readiness
The Minuteman 3 test vehicle traveled 4200 miles and landed near a target by the Marshall Islands, with a US Army Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site close ...

1 July 2010

Fly Before You Buy? Ok, So Now Can We Buy?

( - Blog)
On Tuesday, Lockheed Martin and the Missile Defense Agency successfully tested their Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) Weapon System in Hawaii.

Iran: Sanctions Do Not Ban S-300 Russian Missiles
(The Associated Press)
A senior Iranian official says new UN sanctions would not prevent Russia from delivering sophisticated air defense missiles to Iran.

Pentagon Official Favors High-Tech Aid to India
(Washington Times)

Direct Talks Depend on Moratorium
(Jerusalem Post)

Insider View: An Interview with H.E. Teodor Baconschi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania
(Central Europe Digest)
The decision by Romania to participate in the Missile Defense program confirms our excellent bilateral relations.

Exchequer: How Not To Cut Military Spending
(National Review Online)

Air Defense System to Forge Many Platforms Into One Network
(Signal Magazine)

Army Looking at Yoga, Acupuncture to Treat Pain
(Army News Service)
The Army's health-care system may soon see changes in how Soldiers are treated for pain, according to a report released by the Army's surgeon general Wednesday which recommends 109 changes.